Vaquita Emergency

We partner with Mexican organizations to support vaquita conservation compliance and science.  While we update our website, keep up to date with the latest news from @CetaceanAction X/Twitter timeline. For those without an X/Twitter account, our feed is archived in chronological order here on Typefully (right-click or long press to view images or video in separate tab).

The tiny vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus) is found only in a small area in the Upper Gulf of California near the town of San Felipe, Mexico.

It is the world’s most imperiled mammal, with approximately ten remaining. No other species has fallen so far, so fast. Its population has crashed 99% in ten years, because these air-breathing porpoises get entangled in illegal gillnets and drown.

With local Mexican partners, Cetacean Action Treasury takes a community-based approach to keeping gillnets out of the small area where vaquitas remain.  We support a citizen science and marine mammal rescue program to build local pride in this unique species and its ecosystem.  We are removing economic, technical and social barriers to legal sustainable fishing.  Our approach is paying off, but with so few animals to sustain the population requires continuing emergency action.

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