Vaquita info. sources

The quotes below are from some of the many organizations concerned with vaquita survival – their websites provide further information on vaquita biology and the history of their rapid decline toward extinction.

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Bycatch in gillnets has driven a precipitous decline of the species since it was first described in 1958…

Facilitating international collaboration to save the vaquita porpoise from extinction.

NMMF is a key partner in VaquitaCPR, a consortium of marine mammal scientists, veterinarians, and biologists from around the world….

Critically Endangered

By the time of its scientific discovery and formal description in 1958, the vaquita was seldom seen, difficult to observe and probably not very abundant. Its status has continued to deteriorate since then because of unrelenting pressure from incidental mortality in fisheries…

Until recently, many people thought vaquitas were mythical creatures as few people had ever seen one.

Fishing nets have brought these little porpoises to the brink of extinction… unless urgent action is taken, they will soon be gone forever…

Sea Shepherd – Operation Milagro

Six ships from the Sea Shepherd fleet have collectively removed over 1,000 pieces of illegal fishing gear from the vaquita refuge.

A rare photo of a vaquita with its head above water, several miles off San Felipe, October 2017. Photo: Jonas Teilmann/©VaquitaCPR