Vaquita Emergency

The tiny vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus) is found only in a small area in the Upper Gulf of California near the town of San Felipe, Mexico.
It is the world’s most imperiled mammal, with perhaps fewer than ten remaining. No other species has fallen so far, so fast. Its population has crashed 99% in ten years, because these air-breathing porpoises get entangled in illegal gillnets and drown.
We partner with Mexican organizations to support adoption of fishing gear that poses no risk to vaquitas, and to search for and eliminate illegal nets from the Vaquita Refuge. We also support research on vaquita status, which is critical to convince authorities that the species remains viable.
See the “About us” page for a list of recent articles written by or contributed to by CetAct’s Executive Director Kristin Nowell.
See the “Vaquita info.” page for a list of information sources which provide further information on vaquita biology and the history of their rapid decline toward extinction.

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